Welcome to Search Center for Mobile

The Search Center was developed for mobile with THREE simple objectives: 

  1. enhance the mobile search experience,
  2. provide direct access to content producers vs. being controlled by search/marketing engines,
  3. reduce dependencies on requiring a large number of Apps.

The Search Center is one of the best productivity apps ever built. This App is a powerful navigation/research tool that blends together the best of mobile navigation with content providers who take mobile search SERIOUS. 

Try it for FREE on your Windows Phone and experience the results for yourself. Download from WP Marketplace.

This version of the App expands the User Experience by including a number of views into the providers. Here the long list selector is used to group providers alphabetically (similar user experience as with Contacts your phone).

The App is loaded with a set of featured search providers based on quality of mobile user experience and content.  There are built-in functions to help keep this list current.

When using this app, you only enter your search criteria in once as it is passed into each provider.  This not only allows you to maintain control over relevency but does so in a very efficient way.

You'll appreciate working directly with content authors vs. only interacting with simple search engine/marketing aggregators and working mainly with results they are paid for you to see.
This view pivots on Category and allows you to quickly jump to the providers in that group.  You may also add your own custom search providers and create your own categories.

Users have said this App has replaced numerous independent App downloads as the experience is simple and fast.
You can also download additional providers from the online catalog or download them all with just 1 action.  New providers are discovered all the time so visit the catalog periodically to ensure useful resources are accessible on your phone.
Here is an example of extensibility. An organization can create their own content providers and list them in a private store. This shows a collection of search providers by private department or agency.